About AZ Window Painting

Who is AZwindowPainting? How did we get started?


Window painting, as a career, has been one of the most rewarding  jobs that I could have ever imagined! It has enabled me to provide for my family for over 25 years!  Having my own business has also allowed me to spend quality time with my children as they have grown.kim

Over the years, the sign industry has gone through a lot of changes. Technology has tried to take over.   Years ago, “Sign writers” as they were called; did all of the work with quills and oil based paints. They would carefully layout each design by hand. I was taught by a very skilled sign writer named Jack Spencer.  He hired me as an apprentice. My job was to prepare the paint and clean the brushes.  I watched intently for many months before I was allowed to try my hand at the skill.

Today, most companies use computers to create signs. The letter styles, design layouts, images and colors are all picked from a basic stock of “cookie cutter” choices.  The sign can be designed and ready  in just a few moments.  In this day and age, everyone says: “Hurry up, I need it now!” Most signs are just thrown together quickly and the art is lost. The personal touch of the individual artist; brushing the paint onto the surface, with all of his or her personality coming through in every stroke of the quill; is a dying trade.

 There are a just a handful of “old school” sign writers still out there. They can create some of the best signs, window paintings, murals and A-frame signs that your eyes have ever seen. It isn’t easy to find a quality sign made by hand. Don’t worry, there are a few of us “true artists” still around, quietly hand painting our signs and enjoying every moment of it. It is peaceful working with a brush as you daydream the hours away.
 Window signs are the most fun to paint.  They are referred to as “window splash” because of the free flowing “splashiness” of the artistry. The window acts as a huge empty canvas. The true talent of the artist is unleashed, and the bright fluorescent window paint is “splashed” into beautiful eye catching designs and head turning messages.  Passersby, whether walking or driving, are forced into  rhythmic head-turning glances that create a well choreographed dance.  If your goal is for people to “notice” your business then window painting is for you!

 One extremely satisfying part of the trade is that I get to see the expressions of the people watching from the other side of the glass as well as the reflection of those who just happen to be strolling by. Some people are amazed and watch intently for hours.  Others just keep checking back to note the progress and methodical steps taken as if planning to someday try out their own hand at it.  Without a doubt, the best part is stepping back to see the finished window sign and presenting it to the customer. When I see the look of  delight on their face…it just makes my day!

Thank you, to all that have ever hired me to do a window sign of any kind, your business has been much appreciated.